Better communications

A community that shares an organization’s mission is its most powerful asset. But to thrive, a community needs to be nurtured. Thoughtful, compelling communications are key to engaging supporters, clients, and customers.

Snap judgment

You’ve got requirements. I’ve got ideas and experience. Do they match?

Head shot of Marida HinesFrom my first position as a technical writer for NASA, followed by years in web and print design and on to my current activity as a content marketing copywriter, I have spent my entire working life in communications.

This broad editorial and visual communications perspective gives me an extensive toolkit to draw on when designing strategies to build community.

What colleagues say
“While definitely an “ideas” person, Marida is also a hand-on talent. Her many skills have saved the organization tens of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise had to be outsourced.

Marida is also a smart manager who can identify problems and work with others to bring change when it will benefit the organization. She has a wealth of publishing knowledge encompassing both traditional and new media, and clearly enjoys finding the right message and medium for each audience.” Dawn M. Martin

Chief Operating Officer, Ceres

“Not only is Marida an astute web manager, constantly educating herself on the latest trends, but she’s an incredibly talented illustrator and graphic designer….Any team would benefit from having such a thoughtful, positive and energetic person as Marida amongst them.” Devin Harvey

Communications and Digital Media Consultant, SeaWeb

“Marida is not only an accomplished graphic designer, she is also a very strong writer with a deep knowledge and understanding of marketing principles. She knows how to produce designs that are not only visually appealing, but that get results. Marida is able to do more than just implement a design, she is able to work as a partner and consultant in developing your message and presenting it in the best way possible.” Erika Imhoof

Volunteer and Communications Manager, Brown County Humane Society

“For clients like me who have a hard time describing what they want in concrete terms, Marida has always brought clarity, patience, creativity, and smarts to every project I’ve hired her to undertake.” Richard Nyankori

Special Education

“Marida assisted CFCNCA on a series of campaigns which helped us collect record amounts of pledges for participating charities from 2006 through 2008. The campaigns that Marida helped us to design and implement not only helped to collect record amounts of pledges but also continued to win awards from organizations in the public and private sectors including three consecutive innovation awards from the Office of Personnel Management.” Anthony DiCristofaro

Deputy Director/Senior Compliance Specialist, Office of the Combined Federal Campaign

“Marida and I have served together as Council members for the Town of Washington Grove for three years. I have been deeply impressed by how knowledgeable she is. Marida has the ability to recognize the core issues and deal with them quickly and creatively. In small town politics it is all too easy to be distracted by personalities and politics. Instead Marida is notable for her focus, excellent communication skills and desire to achieve consensus.” Georgette Cole

Member of the Planning Commission, Town of Washington Grove

Let’s communicate

If you’ve got a community, I’ve got a plan. Let’s talk.