10 reasons to choose
Marida Hines
for your communications initiatives

  1. Experienced communicator eager to move your outreach efforts to a new level
  2. Reduced cost of SeaWeb's first iPhone app from original estimate of $28,000 to a final price of $3,200 by moving design in-house and seeking bids creatively
  3. Exceeded $60+ million fundraising target goal 3 years in a row as marketing designer for the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area
  4. Helped DKT International grow 15% annually with new web and print marketing materials
  5. Creates real world solutions and conducts real world tests to make sure they work
  6. One-stop source for makeovers from a hot new image to a knock-yr-soxoff marketing plan
  7. Fluent in designerese, copywriterese, technospeak, e-lingo and above all, old fashioned English
  8. Design ninja in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and CSS
  9. Nitpicky editor who buffs copy till it shines
  10. Prefers communicating clearly to showing off
  11. On time, on point, within budget.

Marida Hines is a designer and writer located in the Washington DC area. To see Marida's full resume, go to the resume page. To see Marida's design portfolio, go to Dog Days Communications portfolio website. For sample writing, please check out Marida's sample writing page. And please don't hesitate to email Marida directly.