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The art and science of behavior change

Why do we humans do what we do? There are 7 billion-plus answers to that question—one for every person on the planet. But flowing through our wildly divergent world views, there are commonalities that all people, everywhere, draw from. These are the foundations we can build on to leave a legacy of positive change.

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Meet the people saving seafood—and the ocean ecosystems

There are two sides to every story, and as manager of the Seafood Champion Awards, I am in the enviable position of having a grandstand view of the upside of the world’s fishing industry. I read hundreds of stories a year about people doing amazing things to protect sea life. Here are some standouts from this year’s crop.

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Get out there and cure cancer

Maybe what matters is not the legacy of your life, but the shape of the life itself. Maybe it’s not about saving the planet, it’s about trying, and caring. Maybe it doesn’t have to be about being important in the life of a child, but about making a better world for all children.

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Fisheries, Tourism, and Climate Change

Overview—Marine Fisheries, Tourism, and Climate Impacts: Creating Opportunities for Change Dawn M. Martin and Marida Hines Introduction Seafood is a critical food source for people around the world, particularly the residents of small island nations who...

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Book reviews

Prehistory: Making of the Human Mind by Colin Renfrew

Summary: This is not a book for the idly curious. But for those looking to understand  what it means to be human, fundamental concepts discussed in this book – like the Theory of Mind  (What exactly is “symbolic thought,”  anyway?)  – provide an answer. Nuggets: This...

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The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond

Summary: Do not miss this book.  Jared Diamond is extremely opinionated and this detailed chronicle of the social and physical evolution that begat our peculiar species is full of extreme conclusions balanced delicately on tenuous extrapolations from often scanty hard...

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The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantum

Think you know why you do what you do? Hah! Get a grip! Your reptilian brain is in charge.

In this fascinating look underneath the hood, Shankar Vedantam explains how the brain relegates repetitive information to run in the background—a brilliant timesaver that has powerful and often unintended consequences in our modern world.

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